FEELING the VITALITY of the WHOLE PERSON - one only has to listen to the BREATH of a person. Soon, you find out, that most people today are "poor pigs" - they breathe "heavily" and have obvious CrampGrudge (KrampfGroll in Deutsch). and if they think they are not poor, they behave just like pigs. Therefore, people need WITHDOM to become one happy & healthy Friendship Family :) ----------- From www.HOPSYDOL.com HOPSYDOL (HPD - SI - the Scientific International Unit, how much relative normal level HaloPeriDol a tense person needs. - it is evaluated by Stethoscoping and other methods - it does represent a "%"-Value and no mg/day-value. - it can relate to people of any age and also of groups and communities,.. HOPSYTHESIS: Western Civilization is in outer freedom and inner slavery, which makes people sick and insane - so our World is a H.alf O.pen PSY.chiatry - a HOPSY. Email plz to fairlag@gmail.com